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What is an “Automatic Email”?

Automatic Emails are one-time emails that are triggered based on your visitor’s behavior.

How can I trigger an Automatic Email?

You can trigger an Automatic Email when a person that visits your website:

  • Visits a URL
  • Enters a Segment
  • Exits a Segment
  • Performs an Event

What to create automatic email for

Create an automatic email any time you want to send an email to your contacts once they trigger one of the above rules.

The Automatic Emails are highly useful for transactional emails such as welcome emails, payment notifications, email confirmations, give-away gifts like lead magnets, or any other email that you want to deliver each time a person matches any of the trigger rules.

How to create an automatic email

Creating an Automatic Email is really easy. Please note that creating an Automatic Email requires that you have previously created a trigger, so that you can define when the email should be sent.

To create an automatic email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Messages in the top navigation bar on ConvertLoop.
  2. Select the Automatic Email option.
  3. Click on the red New Automatic Email button at the top right.
  4. Name your new Automatic Email.
  5. Fill out all the fields for your new Automatic Message.
  6. Save it as a draft clicking on Save it as a draft by clicking on the Finish Later button, or save and activate it by clicking on the red Save and Activate button at the bottom.

Let’s check out the following example, where we create a new automatic message:

ConvertLoop Email Marketing Automation User Analytics Data Intelligence

Please note that you can turn the Automatic Messages on and off whenever you want by clicking on the status button, as shown below:

ConvertLoop Email Marketing Automation User Analytics Data Intelligence

Create your first automatic message

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