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What is an “Email Sequence”?

An Email Sequence is a set of emails, each one of which is sent with a specific delay (hours or days), which is automatically triggered and stopped based on your visitors’ behavior.

Elements of an Email Sequence

An Email Sequence has the following elements:

  • Title: The name of your sequence.
  • Entry Trigger: The entry rule that makes a person enter the sequence to start receiving the email messages that sequence contains.
  • Exit Trigger : The exit rule that makes a person exit the sequence, to stop receiving the email messages the sequence contains. This is optional: if not defined, the person in the sequence will receive the complete set of emails.
  • Delivery Time: The hour of the day when you what your contacts to receive the emails.
  • Emails: The emails that belong to a specific sequence.

Keep reading to see an example.

How to create an email sequence

Creating an email sequence is really easy. Please note that creating an email sequence requires that you have ~previously created any trigger~, so that you can define when a person enters and exits the sequence.

To create an email sequence, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Messages in the top navigation bar on ConvertLoop, and select the Email Sequences option.
  2. Click on the red New Automatic Email Sequence button at the top right.
  3. Fill out the Title, Entry Trigger (“Subscribe when user…”), Exit Trigger (“Unsubscribe when user… (Optional)”), and the Delivery Time (optional). Then click on the red “Create Email Sequence” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on the red Create New Email button on the top right to create the first email message in the sequence.
  5. Name the first email in the sequence, and click on the red “Create Email” button.
  6. Fill out all the fields of the Email.
  7. Save it as a draft by clicking on the Finish Later button, or save and activate it by clicking on the red Create Email button at the bottom of the page.

You can also…

  • Set a Delivery Time. This is optional. The Delivery Time the time at which your emails would be sent to your subscribers for that specific Email Sequence
  • .
  • Set an Exit Trigger. This is also optional. The Exit Trigger is a rule that will make a person stop receiving the emails in the sequence. If you do not set an Exit Trigger, a susbcriber to the Sequence will get all the emails that make up that Sequence
  • .

Let’s see the following example, where we create a new email sequence:

ConvertLoop Email Marketing Automation User Analytics Data Intelligence

Please note that you can turn the complete Email Sequence on or off whenever you want by clicking on the status button, as shown below:

ConvertLoop Email Marketing Automation User Analytics Data Intelligence

You can also do the same to turn each Email in the Sequence on or off, as such:

ConvertLoop Email Marketing Automation User Analytics Data Intelligence

What to create an email sequence for

Email Sequences are a great tool to get people to take action and to go from one step in your funnel to the next.

They help convert and engage your customers and users.

Automating the messages for your onboarding process and sending a series of educational emails about your features are both examples of well-applied Email Sequences.

Create your first Email Sequence

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