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What is a "Segment"?

A “Segment” is a group of contacts defined by one or more filters that you set.

What to create a Segment for

Create Segments to group people based on their shared behavior, so that you can send them Automatic Messages or Email Sequences, or Manual Campaigns.

How to create a Segment

You create Segments by using one or more filters: FILTER BY VISITOR ATTRIBUTES, FILTER BY PERFORMED EVENT, FILTER BY EVENT METADATA, or even the FILTER BY SEGMENT filter, meaning that you can filter your users and visitors based on the Segments that you have previously created.

When you create a Segment, you are saving a group of visitors that matches all or any of the rules you filtered.

You can also set entry rules to a segment as well as exit rules. Find the list of segments that you have already created here, or create a new one setting the conditions that are relevant to your business.

You will find all the filters at people view.

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